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RC Nation is a brand-new social community website for all radio control hobby enthusiasts seeking to be part of the best source for all things RC, surrounded by a positive community focused on the fun of the hobby. Backed by Horizon Hobby, RC Nation will be built by hobbyists, for hobbyists, to learn, connect, and grow as a community. As a gathering place completely dedicated to your hobby, RC Nation cuts out all the noise on other social platforms and focuses on one thing: the love of radio control. Share the excitement of your first flight or just the most recent, get expert tips on your new basher build, connect with local clubs and events near you, and even connect with leading members of Horizon Hobby's team of enthusiasts.

Community Features include:
Articles, Events, Exclusive Content, File Sharing, Clubs & Track locator, Easy Product topic search and filtering, Chaptered Stories, Personal Profiles, Direct Messaging, and so much more!

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